Corgi Models

The condition of a toy is also very important in determining value, generally mint-condition unblemished vehicles sell for the highest price, condition grades then descend in value to near-mint, excellent, and very good. Since die-cast vehicles were durable and fun toys, the vast majority of surviving examples are substantially play-worn, only very rare models retain collectability in this condition. The fact that most die-cast toys are play-worn drives up the price of the few unblemished examples dramatically.

The box has been an important part of die-cast toy collector as the boxes have become almost iconic as the toys themselves, especially since a toy’s value increases if it is sold in an original box. Attention to detail is as important in determining a box’s value as it is for cars, as small differences in printing and design can influence value, for some models the box can sell for almost as much as the car that came in it, Corgi TV boxes are actually more valuable than the cars themselves because collectors are mainly interested in the extras that came with Corgi TV packaging.

Corgi models are now finding their way into a completely different selection of people purchasing and this is purely on nostalgia memories or just having owned the real car at some stage of they lives.