Enamel signs

Enamel signs emerged as the jewel in the crown of British advertising in the late Victorian era, commanding public attention for over half a century before technological, economic and social change combined to render them redundant. From the 1950s onwards they disappeared from the original locations on shop walls, to be replaced by hoardings. Of the millions of enamel signs produced between 1880 and 1950 only a few thousand survived, often commandeered for secondary uses as ‘free’ materials to build huts and fencing on allotment gardens. By the early 1960s a few trend-setting collectors started to rescue them as ornamental items. With the birth of the restored steam railway, some signs found their way back to original locations, lending ‘authentic’ atmosphere to station platforms, and many of the industrial museums have followed suit to great effect.

Over recent years with the upturn of memorabilia and collectable items such as anything to do with advertising the enamel signs have now been classed as very desirable and feature in many different forms of display and general back drop from not only large property’s with the larger signs but small house can cope with the smaller enamel signs.

Court yards, outbuildings, workshops, showroom, classic car garages, feature walls in property’s are just a few of the place now being used to display and enjoy these old and collectable signs which are still increasing in value with slowly less coming onto the market with certain signs dictating high premiums.

Garnier of London started to reproduce enamel porcelain signs in the 70/80’s for a short period and are usually smaller size of the 1900’s originals, these are classed as reproduction signs but still have a following for certain size and image at a more affordable price, but as the saying goes you can’t beat the original if you can find it.

Atburys.com have built up a large clientele base from which auction houses, collectors, dealers and general public that are just upgrading or selling on enamel signs which over time have emerged onto the market and it’s from this we offer a service for sourcing, supplying and purchasing of such enamel signs.